Redevelopment of the 5th and 6th Floor of Isetan Shinjuku Main Store

Following the redevelopment of the Women’s Wear and Accessories floors of Isetan Shinjuku Main Store in 2013, one of Japan’s most well-known department stores, Tange Associates, in conjunction with Mr. Yasumichi Morita (GLAMOROUS co., ltd.),  have renovated the Living & Art floor on the 5th floor and the Baby & Children’s floor on the 6th floor.  The department store celebrated its opening on March 4th.  

The main concept of the Living & Art floor is "High Culture" as a space to create new culture and lifestyle, and for the Baby & Children’s floor, the concept is “Dream” to cultivate sensitivity and nurture the mind of children.  The goal is to create “the world’s best Fashion Museum”.  

A “Park” around the escalator hall is created, as was done on the other floors redeveloped last year, to symbolize each floor’s characteristics.  In addition, the “Park” creates vertical connections by means of the escalators and encourages people to wander as if they are exploring a city.  

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