NTUC Fairprice Mixed-use Facility

A new 105,550-square-meter mixed-use facility for NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd, Singapore’s largest food retailer, was completed in April. 

The new complex will serve as company headquarters, distribution center, shopping mall and bus terminal.  The diversity of the facade design highlights NTUC’s multifaceted corporate identity as a company that underpins the livelihood of the people of Singapore in a variety of ways.  The different functions of each facility are identified by means of the varied facade design, while at the same time, the unifying white frames express the cohesiveness of the entire complex.  Although very large, the buildings are designed to highlight the importance of the human scale, expressing sustainability by featuring greenery on the walls and roofs and scaling-down the volume of the buildings by the colorful and rhythmic wall design.

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