American School in Japan (ASIJ) Creative Arts Design Center

The American School in Japan (ASIJ), Chofu, Tokyo campus celebrated the opening of the Creative Arts Design Center, on August 24.  The 3-story building includes a multi-purpose room, music rooms, art rooms, design technique workspaces, Japan Center and robotics research facilities, all designed to promote educational activities in a stimulating learning environment.  Located between the elementary school and junior high school, the facilities are utilized by the students of both schools, contributing to communication among students beyond the classroom.

Each designated area is clearly defined within the interior of the building, and the distinct and delineated volumes of the individual functions are expressed on the facade.  The juxtaposition of all these articulated forms creates interesting and unique communal spaces within the building, such as corridors, atrium and terraces.  At the same time, the composition of the forms reduces the massiveness of the building to respect the architectural scale of the residential neighborhood surrounding the campus.

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